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Who Are We?
JKL-5 Groupe, Inc., is an Asterisk integration and consulting company. We help small to medium sized businesses improve productivity, reduce costs, expand telephony services and most importantly, increase profitability via Asterisk-based Voice Over IP telephony.
What Do We Do?
The JKL-5 Groupe, Inc. offers a variety of professional services to its clients: Turn-Key installations (both SME and Call Center), Existing Systems Maintenance, Remote Backups Management, IVR Design and Implementation, Professional Voice Talent for IVR Menus & Greetings, and Custom Voice Application Programming. We've also provide "Cloud"-hosted PBX services!
We also have done custom enterprise centralize management systems solutions based around both PHP and Ruby gateway services, allowing administrators to configure IPTables and PBX extensions by the dozen to hundreds with just a few mouse clicks.
We blend expertise with the right choices in free and commercial Open Source offerings to suit the client, the job and the vision.
Where Do We Work?
Our customers span the globe. Our previous clients include a New York, USA fashion boutique; a Texas-based cellphone calling card company; a Toronto, Canada-based restaurant services firm, Toronto, Canada-based healthcare software services provider; and a Montreal, Canada Business Operations Center, a Montreal, Canada-based medical imaging company.
European Asterisk clients include a Montpelier, France telemarketing firm; a Paris, France telecommunications carrier; and a Paris, France fashion accessories manufacturer.
In the Pacific, we've done work for a plumbing company in Sydney, Australia; and a wellness services provider in Singapore.
There are many, many more. Give us a call and we'll be happy to describe them to you.
When Are We Available?
Our normal hours of business are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern. However, if a customer has other operating hours and needs us "right now", we are available.
Why Are We Here?
At JKL5 we believe that VoIP-enabled business is the way forward for modern small businesses. Asterisk PBX systems are a cost-effective and powerful tool in allowing small to medium enterprises to transition away from traditional telephony systems with monopoly-minded price-tags.
In the economic environment of today, every business is looking to reduce operating expenditures, and leverage existing equipment investitures. At the same time they must differ from competition through better communications and customer service.
We firmly believe that innovation through VoIP systems in general, and Asterisk PBX systems in particular, are keystone to any enterprise in this situation.

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