JKL-5 Groupe, Inc. You Dream It, We Develop It -- Right

"We're the Asterisk VoIP technology department that you don't have to keep on salary. We work with small to medium sized enterprises like yours to deliver innovative, exciting phone-systems solutions that suit your company's needs. Your success is our success."

-- Michel R Vaillancourt, CEO & Phone Systems Rocketeer, JKL-5 Groupe, Inc.

Times are tight. Companies are competing globally. Customer satisfaction must start and be held at 100%. Your phone systems are one of the major sources of contact with your customers and your business world. You've got specific needs, required functionality and you don't want to bankrupt the company delivering that vision.

We're here to help. The JKL-5 Groupe, Inc. team is composed of a highly motivated, talented, creative and experienced group of people who all have a passion for transforming the customer's vision into reality. From custom telephony applications with web and database connectivity, to call center solutions with a twist, to "right tool for the job" office PBX systems, JKL5 has you covered.

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